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Ordnance Survey
Greater London postal districts


ParLoc is indeed a very useful, free program, it can be downloaded:
It  isn't, however, a map program, but a parish locator - one can type in parish names, find surrounding ones, distances between them, etc. It gives
OS map references, so can be used in conjunction with an online or 'real' map for visual reference.

Lost Streets and

Old Maps

London 1900 Pocket Atlas   can find with other goodies on

Wonderful maps of London  1746 1862 etc
Map 1827
Map 1859:
Map 1889
Map 1899

Some City parishes
6inch maps (all UK) 1850-90

Comments by someone else "There's a superb on-line resource for historical maps started for genealogical research but very comprehensive -- at:
I first came across this link on the computers at the British Library Map Library -- a pretty solid recommendation"

London Street atlases and directories on CD

Mainly selling maps - which you may want --

Mostly USA - David Rumsey collection